Mammogram Images

Welcome to the Mammogram Images Page!

Please take a look at these images and enjoy getting to learn a bit more about breast imaging. Mammograms can often detect subtle changes in your breast tissue that you many not even get to feel. In fact, the goal of getting a mammogram is to detect breast cancer at its earliest and most treatable stages.

Please check out the bottom of the page! This sections gives you the option of being able to post your own mammogram pictures to share with others. If you are interested in sharing your own mammogram pictures, speak to the imaging facility that performed YOUR MAMMOGRAM. Ask to have your images burnt to a disk. Then just upload them to this site by using the provided form. It’s that easy!

The arrow is pointing to the breast cancer that is forming in the lateral breast tissue.

Breast Calcifications: Notice the small white dots in this image. These sometimes represent early forms of breast cancer.
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This pictures shows a fibroadenoma in the breast.
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This image shows the MLO view that was taken of both breasts during a screening mammogram.
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